Ferrari Challenge - Paul Ricard - Round 2

Scuderia GT: Ferrari Challenge - Paul Ricard - Round 2

Franz Engstler – Second place in Coppa Shell: “I was happy with the second place in qualifying and got off to a very good start in the race. Then I made just a single mistake when the Safety Car came out. For the rest I feel I gave it my all, pushing as hard as I could. If I hadn't made that mistake I could have even won, but it's fine the way it is: a lot of points towards the title, which is still my main goal. I want to thank my team who have allowed me to drive a perfect car. Thanks for the great job they have done.”


Andreas König - second place in Coppa Shell Am: “It was a strange race, with two safety car entries! I pushed until the end to try to get the best possible result and I am really pleased. The circuit is fast and at the same time characterised by technical corners - just the way I like it.”


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